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Nov 2013

Inspiring film. The power of (the right) words

A short film we use on our 'Walk your talk' and 'Face to face' workshops. For details of these, click here

The Power of Words

Useful Websites

Heritage Interpretation organisations
The Association Of Heritage Interpretation.
The National Association Of Heritage Interpretation.

The Participatory Museum.

Storyline's list of essential heritage interpretation books.

Not in any specific order.

1. Making Visitors Mindful: Principles for Creating sustainable Visitor Experiences Through Effective Communication.
Gianna Moscardo. Sagamore publishing. 1999.
2. Interpretation. Making A Difference On Purpose.
Sam H Ham. Fulcrum Publishing. 2013
3. Creating Great Visitor Experiences.
Stephanie Weaver. Left Coast Press. 2007
4. Personal Interpretation
Lisa Brochu & Tim Merriman. InterpPress (NAI, National Association Of Interpretation) or Amazon Kindle. 2008
5. Meaningful Interpretation
David L Larsen. Eastern National. Available from the NAI. 2011 Also available online:
6. Exhibit Labels
Beverley Serrell. AltaMira. 1996
7. Identity And The Museum Visitor Experience.
John H. Falk. Left Coast Press. 2009
8. Interpretive Planning
Lisa Brochu. InterpPress. NAI 2003. Also available as a Kindle download.
9. Designing Interpretive Signs
Gianna Moscardo, Roy Ballantyne & Karen Hughes. Fulcrum Publishing. 2007
10. Interpreting Our Heritage
Freeman Tilden. The University Of North Carolina. 2007
11. Applied Interpretation - Putting research into practice
Doug Knapp Interppress 2007. Available from NAI