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Welcome to Storyline Designs
We are versatile communicators who help people connect to the significance of cultural and natural places in personally meaningful ways. We share participatory stories in voice, word and image that entice, engage and inspire.

Our approach
We are a small company with oodles of energy, imagination and creativity. Clients choose us because we have fresh, inspired ideas and artful solutions. We are superior stretchers of budgets and deliver exciting, original projects on time.
Our core interest is with the human interactions in heritage places. Visitors who feel welcomed, involved and valued have a much more enriching and memorable experience.
We're passionate about turning the fleeting encounters made between staff, visitors and place, into enduring connections.

  • Through your work, you have contributed to the bettering of the visitor experience at York Minster

    Mark Hosea Project Director, York Minster Revealed.
How we can help you?
We work with clients across the UK from the cultural and natural heritage sector offering:
  • Comprehensive training in face to face visitor engagement
  • Design of learning programmes, trails and resources
  • Live interpretive storytelling
  • Planning, writing and design of family guides
  • Interpretive illustration
  • GPS geocache trail design
  • Visitor experience plans
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Consultancy and research
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