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RSPB Communications Officer, Rolf Williams, talks about visitor experience training with Storyline.
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  • Stewart helped us to develop our live interpretation and storytelling. His passion and enthusiasm is engaging and his style of delivery relaxed and inspiring. He is great at working with you to tweak the content for the audience and is always open to suggestions. He has a great knowledge of both cultural history and environmental issues, an appealing mix when we want to enrich the experience for visitors.

    Ivan Nethercoat. Team Manager, People engagement, RSPB

  • Storyline has been employed by English Heritage to provide a number of training days. Not only has the training been interactive, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable, the theoretical and practical content has struck the right balance for participants to have optimum benefit from the training.

    Kate Davies. Operations Manager, English Heritage
Do you want to maximise the quality of your face to face visitor contacts?
Our well crafted TalkWorkshops provide opportunities for you to reinvigorate your interpretive offer and meet the challenges of providing memorable visitor experiences.

What do we teach?
We specialise in the training of front line staff and volunteers who have direct contact with visitors.
We specialise in face to face communication and our
TalkWorkshops training days offer your staff and volunteers an excellent opportunity to learn all the techniques needed to create successful visitor experiences.

Why train with us?
Our workshops cut through the jargon of interpretation to reveal the practice and theory of visitor communication in an engaging, creative and no-nonsense manner. We provide a fun, supportive and highly interactive training environment - in our workshops, people do lots of talking, thinking and doing!

With 25 years experience in live interpretation, we've got some great ideas and tools to share. We developed our own 'AIMS and STEPS' training framework to cover all essential components required to plan, deliver and implement exceptional live interpretation. We believe our 2 day workshop is one of the most thorough available and will empower staff to provide winning visitor experiences.

We promote the role of face to face communication as one of facilitation, where visitor involvement is encouraged and individual opinions are valued. Good interpretation happens when visitors are free to think openly, are given opportunities to interact socially and helped to connect emotionally. This can lead to more meaningful and satisfying experiences. Happier customers are likely to make return visits, spend more or become active supporters of your organisation.

Full supporting materials and free post-workshop assistance via e-mail or ‘phone, complement our workshops.
Workshop instructor, Stewart Alexander became accredited as a Certified Interpretive Trainer by the National Association of Interpretation in the US. He has run in-house training for a number of heritage organisations including: English Heritage (multiple workshops), The National Trust, The RSPB, The Civic Trust, York Minster, Norwich Cathedral & The Ashmolean Museum.