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Walk Your Talk
Duration: Two days.

A comprehensive and highly interactive two day workshop designed to cover everything needed to plan and facilitate participatory guided tours.
Using our own AIMS and STEPS framework, we share the most successful, up to date techniques to engage and connect your visitors with the significant stories of your site. This course is suitable for all levels of experience.

We cover two core areas: the planning ‘AIMS’ stage and the content ‘STEPS’ stage.

Know your AIMS before you take STEPS
  • Audience Who’s the audience? What do they want to know?
  • Ideas Create your plan by making an inventory of what's special about your site. Brainstorm the stories you wish to tell. What do you want your audience to know.
  • Messages How to identify and write key interpretive messages or themes for your tour(s).
  • Structure Putting content together to make it easy to digest and follow.

Take STEPS to make your communication sparkle.
  • Senses How to design tour content to match people's different learning styles by incorporating multi sensory activities.
  • Tell your site's stories in compelling and accessible language. We introduce the skills needed to integrate stories and 'story speak.'
  • Emotions We share winning techniques to successfully connect the hearts of your visitors to your site or aspects of it.
  • Participatory We investigate ways to build in activities that empower your audience to have a more active role within the tour.
  • Surprise Strong memories often come from the unexpected. This is an opportunity to get really creative!
The workshop also covers how to evaluate your tours.
  • Using an example tour from your site, we work together to design a guided walk during the workshop. This equips participants with a useful model from which to design further tours.
  • The two day course includes elements found in our SmallTalk’ and StoryTalk’ workshops.
  • Depending on your requirements, elements can receive greater emphasis.
  • Training workshops for those working in natural places include additional nature awareness techniques and activities.
  • The training is appropriate for staff and volunteers working in museums, nature reserves, country parks, national parks and historic sites.

Cost. £700.00 plus expenses.
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