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Small Talk
Duration One Day.

From visitor questions, orientation, casual conversations to ‘hot spot’ interpretation, this day provides an opportunity to work with more informal ways to connect with your visitors.
Designed for frontline staff, this workshop covers techniques required to create positive impressions and begin a process of inspiring your visitors, helping them connect to the significance of your site.

We cover:
  • Engaging visitors in dialogue
  • Questioning skills
  • Visitor motivations and what they want
  • Moving beyond information to provide inspiration
  • Active listening skills
  • Reading body language
  • Great customer care, how to go the extra mile
For those who deliver on the spot or roving interpretation, we use our AIMS and STEPS framework to examine the best methods to engage visitors with specific aspects of your site. Whilst drawing on much of the above content, we also cover using:
  • Handling objects
  • Props
  • Visual media
  • Costume
  • Technology, including tablets
Cost £400.00 plus expenses
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