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We provide interpretive storytelling in a variety of natural and cultural settings

Story is at the heart of all good interpretation. Information, coherently woven together into visual, spoken or written narratives, is much easier to comprehend and understand.
Interpretive oral storytelling reveals intangible meanings and ideas in an accessible and compelling form. A ruinous, deserted castle is filled with sound, movement and colour through the simplicity of rich language. Spoken stories, expertly told, have the power to move and lead us on imaginative journeys to the past or guide us to a dynamic present.

  • Helps us empathise with people of the past
  • Breathes life into an historic site
  • Provides context or the bigger picture
  • Reveals concepts and ideas in accessible ways
  • Engages our emotions
  • Nurtures a positive relationship with the natural world
  • Inspires creativity and fires the imagination

We are stories, we make sense of the world through stories. We make meaning out of stories and remember through stories.
Jean Cockcroft
Storyteller Stewart Alexander trained with leading tellers in the UK and performs at sites across the country. Natural and cultural venues have included: The Museum Of London, Ely Cathedral, Norwich Cathedral, The Ashmolean Museum, The Corinium Museum, Framlingham Castle, Warkworth Castle, Gressenhall Rural Life Museum, Norwich Castle Museum, Richmond Castle, Tullie House Museum, Orford Castle, Sherwood NNR Robin Hood Festival, The Festival Of History, Kenilworth Castle, Chesterfield Museum, Baddesley Clinton House, St Benets Abbey, Nottingham Castle, Norfolk Broads National Park, Lindisfarne Priory, Helmsley Castle.